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Dr Scarlett Smash

My Mission

I am a mindful conservation scientist and certified yogi who is a communications and campaign specialist in the enviromental and marine sciences fields. The time has come! It has been too long that we have continued and participated in outdated unsuccessful and outdated unsuccessful and toxic outreach, communications and conservation methods, efforts, behaviors, and culture due to the lack of effective influences and mindfulness. The science conservation field is not easy! Being a conservationist is not easy! Being a scientist is not easy! We get involved in this work because of the care we have for the planet and for each other, but the everyday destruction and challenges weigh very heavy on us. We lose too many great conservationists because of unmindful practices. 


My mission is to continue to advocate for effective communications, engagement, behavioral change, mindful sciences, mindful conservation, and to assist other scientists and/or conservationists to reach their full potential and success as well as their projects. 


To me everyday is a celebration, for oneself their work, projects, everyday life, and I want to help others find their celebration - either through podcasting, special events, fundraisers, campaigns, workshops, conferences, programs, and mindfulness activities.


My focus is on raising positive and joyful energies through outreach and engagement. An event, project, program etc., cannot only be informative, but also a medium for cultivating happiness, joy and enriching one's purpose and work.

My Journey

I obtained my PhD in Conservation Science & Policy, as I wanted to help the world, via conservation science outreach. But I realized that my academic and career journey was not fulfilling my heart and soul. Nor was it really helping the world on a significant scale. So, I looked to Buddhist teachings and practices for inspiration, and I then realized this was my purpose, this was my true path all along: the best way for me to help the world is to help others find happiness and help them end their suffering. I became a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor to expand my knowledge and skills in mindfulness to help people discover and achieve their true beauty, their inner happiness, and their personal goals via the teachings of zen masters. I will help teach coping skills for anxiety and stress. That way those I help can be more effective in their careers and their lives in generaI. I take great pride in the progress and success of my client's inner peace and happiness.

*Ashley Scarlett is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

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