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Marine Conservation Happy Hour

Is reaching the general public and science students internationally. The hosts Dr Craken McCraic and Dr Scarlett Smash have been invited to multiple conferences and conservation organizations to record live or pre-recording episodes. The podcast is a great platform to connect to the marine conservation happy hour communality 

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Sponsorship, Advertisement or Guests

Sponsored Episodes

(Info to come)

Ads that are inserted in the Marine Conservation Happy Hour Podcast are purchased in a

marketing package of 24 episodes (2 episodes a week for ~3 months) so that they reach

maximum efficiency. These ads are 15-20 seconds long. The ads will be recorded, edited, and

placed in each show by MCHH production staff.


(Info to come)


Podcast Producers, Hosts and Editors- Dr. ECM Parsons and Dr Ashley Scarlett (absolutely Smashing llc owner)

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