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LGBTQ+ Panel November 18, 2021 at 12pm- 2pm EDT


Free admission
All of our Panelists and Moderators are paid at this event.

In January 2021 at the Mindful Conservation Conference there was a successful seminar on “creating a safe space for LGBTQ scientists”.  One of the conclusions was a need for more informative talks and discussions about creating safe spaces for our LGBTQ+ community. To continue this outreach to the LGBTQ+ scientists we are planning a 2-hour panel highlighting this topic with a focus on creating safe spaces in oceans science. The meeting will have a panel of 3 LGBTQ STEM scientists. The panel will have a diverse background to reflect the multiple experiences of our panelists, and hopefully allow greater engagement with the audience. 

Panelist and Moderators:

Speaker/ Panelist- Zeke Gonzalez

Panelist-Annabel Gong  

Panelist-Daniel Palacios    

Moderator - Heather Penney & Ashley Scarlett 

Marine Conservation Happy Hour Live Show

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Past Events

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How to support our Female Scientist Moms
Marine Conservation Happy Hour 
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Who Are We
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Awesome Con 2021’s Science Fair

Program Title: Sex & the sealife (or blue chicca-woo-woo planet) 
Program Description: The panel comprises a bunch of nerdy marine biologists who will be discussing some of the bizarre behaviors of marine species from orcas and elephant seals to giant squid - in particular details about marine reproductive behavior that would make even Aquaman blush. PG-13

Presenters: MCHH podcast host - Dr. Scarlett Smash, MCHH podcast host - Dr. Craken MacCraic, & Dr. Naomi Rose

We are delighted to be presenting our cool fun science facts at AwesomeCon 2021 for the 3rd year (previous years at AwesomeCon 2019 & 2018)

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