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Seminar: SEEing Sustainability
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Presenter: Ancilleno Davis 

Dr. Ancilleno Davis will show you how every element of your business and your life can be interpreted along the lines of Social, Economic or Environmental Sustainability and help you S.E.E. sustainability. The workshop will focus on preserving the four true resources of Time, Space, Energy and Matter, instead of thinking of money as a resource.

Seminar: Multispecies Intelligence as a Mindful and Ethical Practice

Presenter: LoraKim Joyner


Multispecies intelligence is one form of social intelligence, and like it and emotional intelligence all humans are born with a certain capacity which can be improved upon. We need to understand our human nature to be able to understand other species, and vice versa. Hence, we build upon social and emotional intelligence to dive more deeply into connecting to the needs and feelings (motivations) of other species, and how this understanding can lead to not just greater care for the animals we engage with, but for ourselves

Seminar: The Logistics of Ethical Conservation
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Presenter: Ancilleno Davis


Dr. Ancilleno Davis has worked, taught and studied conservation  in 11 different countries and territories. His experiences at historically black and predominantly white institutions across political, cultural and language boundaries have highlighted key points in ethical conservation. He will share this framework with attendees and participants will have the opportunity to engage with their own work to discuss the ethical challenges of science and conservation

Seminar: Nurturing Nature Through Social and Emotional Intelligence Part 1 and 2

Presenter: LoraKim Joyner

A recent review of scientific literature revealed that the major cause of conservation project failure was not external factors, but the lack of successful interpersonal relationships and low social capital within organizations and communities. This is good news, because it is something conservationists can improve upon. This workshop will describe the theory and foundational concepts of how emotional and social intelligence can lead to greats success, as well as team and community member satisfaction and resilience. Participants will practice the skills that lead to improved relationships, and inter-and intrapersonal health. Part 1 will have more theory and Part more practice.

Friday Workshop: Ocean Love: An Essential Tool for Conservation and Climate Justice
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Presenter: Eagle Ray Empress, 


We are all connected by the ocean. It is time for our global community to learn how to be connected, living in unity, while celebrating our diversity. A peaceful future where humans are living, working, and playing in harmony with nature requires that each of us become more self aware and intentional with how we are showing up every day in the world. Conservation is a way of being. This workshop will be dedicated to honouring our sacred relationship with nature. Our relationship with nature is reflective of our relationship with ourselves, because we are nature. Come ready to move, laugh, reflect, and develop skills such as phenomenological listening that will better prepare you to be an ally for Mother Earth and our entire human race.

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